Canberra Acrylic Rendering specializes in all types of Acrylic Rendering

We are fully equipped and we follows the strict guidelines set out by Rockcote when rendering fibre cement sheeting (blueboard), A.A.C. panels/blocks and plasterboard.

Blue board, is a strong, pre-primed base sheet that is finished on-site with a specialised Acrylic Render Texture coat system, which includes joint reinforcement with resistant fiberglass mesh, Acrylic Render based polymer render over the entire wall. This stage is followed with an ROCKCOTE pure Acrylic Colorured (Sandcote HYDRATECH) with Water Repellent Technology (No need to paint).  It is the original way to create a decorative rendered look without the need for masonry. Fast, great finish and cost effective!

A variety of acrylic coloured render textures can be achieved with a site-applied texture system, making blue board perfect canvas for a diverse mix of colours and textures.

Need vibrant colours or more traditional look?

Canberra Acrylilc Rendering can help with that!

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  • Must be overcoated with a minimum ROCKCOTE Coloured Render


  • Easy to apply and finish
  • No mixing required (premixed render)
  • Flexible
  • High crack resistence
  • Water based
  • Excellent adhesive qualities