Next Generation Cladding System (Next-Gen Cladding)

While homes around Canberra and Region are benefitting from the installation of Next Generation Cladding Insulated Wall Panel all the time, new materials are being tested and developed by various universities and companies that could make the next generation of insulation even better.

Canberra Acrylic Rendering specializes in Acrylic Rendering of lightweight polystyrene external/Internal cladding. We are fully equipped and we follows the strict guidelines set out by Rockcote when rendering over Next Generation Cladding system. Firstly a Acrylic Render based polymer modified render (Rockcote PM100) is applies and reinforced with resistant fiberglass mesh (Rockcote reinforced mesh) over the entire wall. This stage is followed with an ROCKCOTE pure Acrylic Colorured (Sandcote HYDRATECH) with Water Repellent Technology (No need to paint).

Next-Gen Cladding Insulated Wall Panel is a lightweight, energy efficient product and once coated the system provides a weather resistant and all products we use are (ROCKCOTE) Australian owned and manufactured.

Why Choose a Coloured Render by ROCKCOTE?

  • The integrated colour permeates the render layer making scratches and damage less noticeable

  • Consistent, seamless finish across the project regardless of the substrate (excluding weatherboard)

  • Add value and street appeal

  • No need to paint

  • A more natural aesthetic than painted finishes

  • Protect your substrate


  • Tough

  • Flexible

  • Water repellent

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Long term exterior protection

  • Natural coloured render finish that does not require painting